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Water Filtration Systems

water filtration installersWith our high levels of chlorination in the Whangarei and varying quality of water sources rurally, purification systems are an essential part of life in much of Northland. Ensuring that water is safe and hygienic could not be more paramount, and with so many systems to choose from, expert knowledge is essential. With our experience of water purification systems in Northland, there is nowhere better to turn for installation and maintenance of your water purification systems in Whangarei and Northland.

The Move towards Environmentally Friendly Water Use

There is a renewed focus on filtration and reuse of water within the Northland region, with best practice guidance including the Sustainable Dairying Water Accord leading the way for improving the sustainable water management of dairy farms leading the way. Launched in 2013, the Accord is a sign of things to come, setting a target of 85% of Northland dairy farms to be reusing their water by 2020. This is not a one off. There is a genuine tide turn towards the reuse of water across the region and across New Zealand.

Water Filtration Systems – Our Service

With years of experience in drainage, plumbing and water filtration in Northland, we are perfectly placed to ensure that you are ahead of the curve in protecting the water supply. We offer consultation, design and implementation of water filtrations systems in Northland, ensuring that the most efficient, effective and safe water filtration system is installed. Our systems are designed to work on your site, to your requirements. Results always comes first when we design a water filtration system.

Whatever the scale of your project, from large, industrial water filtration systems to bespoke home water filtration systems, we are here to help, supported by years of expertise. We are most proud of our customer service, providing the best advice, service and support in Northland. We are a local company, proud to serve the people of Whangarei and Northland.